“如果没有WorkNC我们的营业额只有现在的一半”,Aravis Precision说
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WorkNC CAD/CAM ensures a precision subcontractor provides both accurate quotes and quality parts with no surface finish faults, to their customers. Without it, Aravis Precision say they would only have half their current turnover.

WorkNC CAD/CAM确保了精密分包商为客户提供精准的报价和高表面品质的零部件产品Aravis Precision说,如果没有WorkNC他们的营业额只有现在的一半。

General Manager Marc Genans-Boiteux says it’s essential that their components are absolutely perfect, especially those for the aeronautical industry.

总经理Marc Genans-Boiteux说完美的组件是至关重要的,尤其是在航空业。

Aravis installed WorkNC when the company was founded 15 years ago, and use it to manufacture a wide range of parts and mould tools for automotive, sports, mechanical construction, industrial maintenance and aeronautics clients.


“如果没有WorkNC我们的营业额只有现在的一半”,Aravis Precision说--WorkNC中国总代理-上海强互信息科技有限公司

“如果没有WorkNC我们的营业额只有现在的一半”,Aravis Precision说--WorkNC中国总代理-上海强互信息科技有限公司

Operating from 600 square metre premises in Thônes, France, with nine employees, Aravis use WorkNC to program a recently-acquired 5-axis DMG DMF180 CNC machine, along with two Hurco 30s and 3-axios VMX 42S, and a 3-axis Mazak Nexus 410A with a 4th axis.

Aravis在法国Thônes600平米的厂房,9个员工。WorkNC被用来配套一台最近购置的5轴德玛吉DMF180 数控加工中心两台赫克Hurco 30s3-axios VMX 42S和一台带第四轴的3轴马扎克Mazak Nexus 410A机床


WorkNC配套5轴德玛吉DMF180 数控加工中心,强互

WorkNC配套5轴德玛吉DMF180 数控加工中心加工图片



WorkNC配套赫克Hurco 30s和3-axios VMX 42S,强互

Mazak Nexus 410A

WorkNC应用于带第四轴的3轴马扎克Mazak Nexus 410A机床,强互

In addition to his General Manager and Sales Manager roles, Marc Genans-Boiteux programs the 5-axis toolpaths and looks after machining complex parts.

Marc Genans-Boiteux除了充当总经理和销售经理的角色外,还负责5轴刀路的编程以及复杂零部件的加工


WorkNC, from Vero Software, is vital in two totally different domains – creating accurate quotes and machining the parts. He imports all customer files into WorkNC, and as he is responsible for producing quotes he programs the toolpaths according to part complexity, for WorkNC’s simulation feature to determine the machining time.

来自Vero SoftwareWorkNC,在两个不同的领域起着至关重要的作用——建立精准的报价和加工零件。他把所有的客户文件导入WorkNC,并根据零件的复杂度对刀具路径进行编程、通过WorkNC的模拟功能来确定加工时间,从而进行报价。


“This is used as the basis for our quotes. We’re a small company and can’t afford a mistake on pricing a job. Thanks to information provided by WorkNC regarding machining times and tooling, I can give an accurate quote, making sure we don’t lose money on jobs we undertake.”



Firstly, he uses the bounding box function for part volume and raw material requirements. Then he creates the 3- or 5-axis toolpaths, according to the part’s complexity, and runs the machining simulation to determine cycle times.



“After that, I check the required tool length indicated in WorkNC, which allows me to identify the required cutting tools and calculate the price of the job. Based on raw material requirements, the most suitable machining sequence and tooling, along with preparation and machining time estimates, I can give an accurate quote to the customer.”



Once the contract is awarded, he uses his extensive knowledge of WorkNC to optimise machining by finalising feed rates and other parameters. Then part production begins on the machine, and he is assisted on the shopfloor by workshop foreman Ludovic Perrillat, who is now beginning to use WorkNC’s 5-axis functionality.

一旦签订合同,他利用他对WorkNC的广泛了解,通过优化进给率和其他参数,然后在现在开始使用WorkNC5轴功能的车间领班Ludovic Perrillat的协助下生产零件。


Their most frequently used toolpaths are the standard roughing strategies, Z-level finishing, and optimised Z-level finishing. “Thanks to the quality of the rapid and reliable finishing toolpaths, the part requires very few further conventional milling phases.”



Before acquiring the 5-axis DMG Mori Seiki machine in September 2014, Aravis produced straightforward standard parts using 4-axis strategies. Using this latest machine, programmed with WorkNC, they manufacture new products almost daily, including single or small series parts which require specific production processes with new machining sequences and new tooling equipment.”

2014年9月购买德玛吉5DMG Mori Seiki 设备之前,Aravis使用4轴策略生产简单的标准部件。现在使用这台最新的机器,用WorkNC进行编程,几乎每天都生产新的产品,包括需要新的加工工序和新的加工设备的特定的单个或者小系列零件的生产。

A steering column for a Grand Prix Moto2 motorbike chassis is a perfect example of how this has revolutionised the way they work. “It’s a particularly complex component, and on 3-axis machines it required eight operations and additional finishing. But using WorkNC on the 5-axis DMG it only requires two machining operations and the surface finish is of a remarkably high standard.  

如何彻底改变加工方式, moto2大奖赛的摩托车底盘转向柱是一个很好的例子,它是一个特别复杂的组件,在3轴设备上加工它需要8个操作步骤以及需要多次精加工,但是用WorkNC编程在5轴的德玛吉DMG上加工只需要2个操作步骤且它的表面品质能达到相当高的标准。


WorkNC is absolutely vital for this. We simply couldn’t manufacture these parts without it. It’s the core element of our manufacturing capability and allows us to work double shifts.  



“I have made sure WorkNC was installed at all the companies I’ve worked for, and it was absolutely the perfect choice when I set up Aravis Precision, and meant we were able to start machining immediately. If Aravis Precision didn’t have WorkNC today, we would only have half the current turnover.”   

我非常肯定我工作过的公司都在使用WorkNC。当我成立Aravis Precision公司采购CAM软件时,毫无疑问WorkNC是绝佳的选择,这意味着我们可以立即开始加工。如果没有WorkNC,我们的营业额只会有现在的一半。

当我成立Aravis Precision公司采购CAM软件时,毫无疑问WorkNC是绝佳的选择“

 关于WorkNC ○ 

WorkNC CAM software isthe premier automatic CNC software for surface or solid models in mold, die andtooling businesses for 2 to 5-axis CNC programming. Allwestern, Japanese, and Korean automotive makers, and well-known OEMs from arange of other industries, use WorkNC.

WorkNC CAM软件是世界领先的高效自动化2-5轴CNC编程软件,所有西方发达国家、日韩国、中国等汽车制造商以及其他行业的知名OEM厂商都在使用WorkNC。



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